The Transcience of Life

I left a conference in Lexington as early as I could so I could at least attend my friend's brother's funeral.  
I was late, and when I got to the Church, there was my Daddy (Junie Mattingly of Mattingly Funeral Home), sitting on the choir steps, gazing out the door. He jokingly explained his presence on the stairway as "playing hooky", and told me I should go up to the choir because it might be the only place I would find a seat in the packed church.
I just thought this was a neat picture of my Dad.
Being an undertaker in the country is a lot different than in the city. This picture of Daddy makes me think of the transcience of life, and how difficult it can be for a small town funeral director when he knows everyone so intimately, and how especially hard it is when the funeral is for one so young as Jack Brahm.
dad jackbrahm funeralresampled.jpg

Friends at Cedars - Faye Brady and Miss Tungate

Lisa Nally-Martin was anxious to see a picture of Faye Brady when when she learned she
had a new hairdo.
 Before Faye entered Cedars of Lebanon Nursing Home, she had long hair,
which she wore in a pony tail or in a makeshift bun. Now she had a professional stylish short haircut.
Debbie and I set out for Cedars after work Friday to satisfy Lisa's curiousity and produce
evidence of the new Faye.
However, this did not happen to be one of Faye's best hair days.
It was, instead, a day of great upheaval for Faye; she shared her room with two other women, one
of which, that very day, had been transferred out and down the hall to a room where the residents go
if they require more intensive nursing care.
Miss Tungate's new bed was surrounded with family members, and they told us Faye had worn a path to Miss Tungate's room all day long, checking on her.
She would miss her room mate.
At Cedars, I guess just down the hall is a far-away place when friends are separated.

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Elder


This well-known St. Mary's couple were spotted taking a break inside the Marion County Courthouse.


Stephen & Earl Martin

stephen earl resampled.jpg

This is a photo of Steve Brady with Earl Martin not long before Earl went to live at

Cedars of Lebanon Nursing Home....


Sassy Beads!

Nursing Home Mardis Gras.jpgWith Blackberry's and Stevies banter about beads, I thought I would share this photo of two of my lovely women with their beads, having a high old time during our Mardi Gras party we held for our LTC patients.  Aren't they precious!  They're laughing and clapping to the music, the one on the left loves to dance!!!  Maybe I should introduce her to the little guy who likes to dance at Cedars?  :)