MA's Favorite Wolf Picture


Kentucky Airshow

airshow plane.jpg

these little jets are amazing!  they go really fast!  air show
tomorrow, too.  check it out!  at leb/spgfd airport.



airshow plane two.jpg



airshow plane three.jpg



airshow plane four.jpg



airshow plane five.jpg



airshow plane six.jpg



airshow seven.jpg



airshow plane eight.jpg



airshow bikes.jpg



airshow kitten helmet.jpg



airshow kitten helmet dog.jpg



airshow ma.jpg



airshow pa.jpg



airshow ma two.jpg


MA's Pictures....

airshow kitten helmet.jpg

Isn't this the sweetest picture? It's a sampling of photos from ohsohlma that were added today. She sent a ton of pictures, several from the Airshow currently underway, and lots from various recent bike rides including Relay for Life. You can check out her photos by clicking on "Cornucopia" in the MA section.


Relay for Life Ride

here are pictures of bikes on the ride.  the 2nd one is my bike, with
my new BIG saddlebags.  i take my dog often, and he rides on a carrier
on back seat.  when i take him i can't take my big pack, so these
saddlebags are the solution.  i can carry the dog now AND the kitchen
sink!  lol   ma

relay parking.jpg



relay parking two.jpg



relay covered bridge.jpg


Honda Hoot

here are some pictures from honda hoot in knoxville.  never saw so
many bikes all together in my life!  and a picture of the pool
overlooking the mountains at the holiday inn express in powell, where
we stayed.  and the 3 bikes are mark's, our friend from lexington,
mine, and blake's.  we rode down together.  and last pics are norris
dam state park.  

honda hoot bikes road.jpg

honda hoot bikes road two.jpg



honda hoot bikes road three.jpg



honda hoot ma.jpg



honda hoot parking lot full.jpg



honda hoot parking lot full two.jpg



honda hoot tent.jpg



honda hoot pool.jpg



honda hoot pool two.jpg



honda hoot choo choo.jpg



honda hoot water.jpg