Mabel Graham's $1,000 Photograph

Thanks to James Spragens for submitting these newsclippings of the prize winning photo taken by Mabel Graham of Mary Margaret O'Daniel.

And here is Mary Margaret years later, holding the prize winning photo, with the Lebanon photographer who's holding the camera that helped catapult her into a moment of fame in the national spotlight.



D.C. "Newseum": Marion County Connection


Work is in progress for a new museum in our nation's capitol, and here's a Marion County connection. My cousin, Ken Ackerman (brother of Dr. Mark Ackerman), owns a company in Louisville called Derby City Sign & Electric. They are installing a 23 foot tall 600,000+ pixel HD LED screen there. Here's a note from him along with pictures (which he says don't do the project justice).

Hello Gang,
    Here are a few photos of the project we are working on in Washington
DC. This video board resides in a brand new museum celebrating the first
amendment and highlighting the freedom of press.


This place is very unique for a museum since they are trying to lose some of the old
tradition of quiet and yawning and putting in some glitz. This is a big
function of our 23' tall HD LED screen which can sit on the floor or be
raised up to five stories for viewing from the outside public.


This place called the Newseum houses one of only two watch towers left from
the Berlin wall, the first piece of one of the Twin Towers ever on
display as well as interactive computers where you pretend to be a
newspaper reporter and are tested with actual events that have taken
place and your job is to catch the best photos. It all looked fun but I
was not allowed to play.


The Newseum is located just down from the
capitol building on Pennsylvania Avenue. If you are ever in the area at
least peek in the window at this 600,000 + pixel TV.

ps. Photos do no justice.



Before Our Honor Guard


From The Lebanon Enterprise - October 6, 1960


FINAL SALUTE: The sad but majestic notes of Taps has been sounded for almost 200 of the nation's former servicemen by bugler Thomas W. Carrico, Lebanon. Carrico, whose services are sought for virtually every military funeral in Marion and Washington counties, has performed this duty at 198 such funerals since September, 1945. A World War II veteran himself, he receives no compensation for his services except for occasional reimbursement of travel expenses to out-of-county funerals. Now 42, Carrico first learned the bugle as a Boy Scout here over 25 years ago. He gained additional experience while in the Army, from 1939 to 1945, serving as bugler at military posts in Texas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi and Pennsylvania and later, with his artillery unit in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.



"Our Day"

Here are two frames from Wallace Kelly's home movie, "Our Day", shot at his family home in Lebanon, Kentucky. The 1938 film was selected this year by the Library of Congress as one of twenty-five classics of film worthy of archiving for future generations.



Hard Times