My Kitty Cat is so political...


Walter Jacobs

We visited tonight and there is a lot to tell, but it's late and I will only get into one part of it for now. My parents have been so kind to let us bring Walter down there to try out their property as her new home, and I am so grateful.  I think of the cabin as "My Mom's Cabin", and here is why. The cabin was once a little dilapidated falling down house. It was covered with that tar-paper surface that looked like fake brick and was really about to fall down until my mom got hold of it. It turned out there was a log cabin underneath, but there were many logs beyond repair and it was all in terrible shape. She had someone look at it and they determined it was not worth trying to save. She was so sad and happened to call me the day they were starting to tear it down. To make a long story short, I said something like "STOP THE PRESSES". Or at least stop the guys out there! To make a long story short, I helped my mom get a second opinion on the cabin. A guy who had experience in conserving log cabins made a trip down there and did not think it was a lost cause after all, and he even had some spare logs he was willing to let her use to shore up the old place. So the cabin was saved! Really, it was a big deal for my mom - and for me. The lot was overgrown with everything and my mom went to work digging up this and planting that until she's made it into a very charming little place. She had to shore up the underneath of the cabin, though. "Critters" kept crawling under there. So she had someone put tin and screens all along the underside of the cabin to prevent all that wildlife from making themselves at home underneath.Well, so much for that. I have not told my Mom yet, is Walter Jacobs. See that screen? He's safely on the INSIDE - looking out at us


Mary Yvonne Carrico

Mary has been in my life for a long time now.


When she got her new wheels, she just had to show me. I guess this is the very first car she's ever owned.

Here she is, proudly posing with her new "wheels".





And here she is showing her newly issued driver's license.


I had forgotten about these pictures but happened to come across them recently and I think they are so cute.

You would have to know Mary to fully appreciate these. I feel several reading here do know Mary, though, so I hope you enjoy! If you know Mary you will be glad to see these.



















People On The Street

Magistrate Extraordinaire...just sitting in his truck one day in Lebanon....


Me! On my forty-fifth birthday in the bathroom at Missy's Out of the Way Cafe....

45and still Alivescript.jpg

Porky Bickett one rainy day in the old Burger Queen Parking Lot...



Mary Belle Smith and entourage...spotted across the street from Hardee's one day...Mr. Smith died a couple of years ago.



















Mr. Charles Brady - my father-in-law. I tease him about his great shopping and coupon fenesse. I tell him he's the only person I know who can go shopping and the store ends up paying HIM money.