What About Them BEARS!

Thanks to Bertyh for this Club 68 Postcard and Ticket from her '68 collection.  We've been talking about Hyleme's caged bears over on the talk site, and these items should bring back some memories for many readers.

I'm intrigued with the 20 cent ticket to the Club 68 GoGoGo Room - and Beryh's not sure what that room was all about. Hopefully, someone can enlighten us on this, and give us a few good stories. Thanks again, Bertyh!

club 68 postcard cage.jpg


club 68 postcard sharpened.jpg






























club 68 go go go room sharpened.jpg






.postcard.jpg bertyh.jpg


A Blast from the Past! Club 68 from Bertyh!

Bertyh Shirt.jpg

"When someone asked about photos of Club 68 I thought about a T-shirt
that I have that was my brothers.
It has the hwy sign with 68, the big Rock n Roll sign, and Heart of
Rock n Roll Still Beating! written on the front."


Thank You Beryh!!!!

Elmer George has that big Club 68 sign on his property now.... Thanks for the picture!



Cards for Life - A Message from Bertyh

My son Jamie and his girlfriend Andrea are a part of Cards for Life, a pro-life student organization at the University of Louisville whose goal is to educate peers about abortion and other life issues as well as help women in crisis situations find resources to help them through and after their pregnancy. 

 In January they attended the Pro-life Students of America conference and the March for Life in Washington DC.  After the conference they marched from the Washington monument to the Supreme Court.