Nice Cat Needs Great Home!

This is from one of our 24/7 members...she is moving and can't take kitty. Please help!


From Raywick ky: Here's a pic of the cat.

some extra info.....she has her claws!

i'm moving nov 15th-ish so I really need to find her a good home soon.



2 Pretty Labs on the Loose! Are They Yours?

Please check out the photos below to see if you can identify these two nice dogs a kind person picked up a few nights ago. She is caring for them until the owners can be found to claim them, or alternately, until a good home can be found for them.
From Talk Marion County 24/7 on  Friday, August 25, 2007:
On our way home from the football game tonight, we found two lab pups
in the road.  They're probably between six months and a year old, very
friendly, wearing collars and had no hestitation before jumping in the
back of the truck.  
I don't know who they belong to, but we were afraid
to leave them where they were.  We found them on Radio Station
Rd/Springfield Highway at the top of the hill.  I'm going to call
around in the morning, but if anyone knows of missing dogs, please
email me ASAP.  
They're safe in the back yard for the time being, but
we already have two dogs and I think my husband would divorce me if I
even mentioned keeping them!  If I don't find the owner and anyone is
interested in taking them, let me know.  I really really really don't
want to take them to the shelter.
dog 1.jpg
dog 2.jpg

Escaped MAC Inmate: Jefferey Hinkle


Thanks to Julie Anne Williams for this update:


There was another escape at the Marion County Adjustment Center Sunday afternoon around 4.  Jeffrey Hinkle was serving a sentence for burglary, robbery, theft, and other crimes. He assaulted 3 guards then fled the
grounds. He's from Louisville, so may have headed there, or could still be around looking for transportation. Be careful in the morning...!...

He's black, 36 years old, partially braided long black  hair...has a tattoo of a panther on his chest and 2 small scars in his forehead...last seen wearing gray shorts and a white sleeveless t-shirt with numerals on the back in blue.

                                                                                                                                                                                          -----Julie Anne



Killer Cat on the Loose in Marion County