Jesse Osbourne is a Marion County native who studied at WKU and has an awesome portfolio of photographs.

You can find a sample of his work at   .

I was particularly touched by a slideshow of photos Jesse has done, called "Losing Johnny".

More poignant photos I've never seen, but maybe I'm just a little bit partial because I know the subjects.

Still, the photo essay is something to experience.

I asked Mr. Osbourne how he got the opportunity to take photographs at the Elder home. Here is what he had to say:

" I was able to work with them because of their incredible
hospitality. They truly were accepting of my presence.

The reason I started the story was for a class assignment my junior
year at WKU. The theme was 'caregiver.' I knew the Elders and their
story, so I gave them a call. They were very open and accepting. I owe
everything to them."

I am keenly interested in photography, though I've not had any formal training; I was bowled over at some of Jesse Osbourne's photos - and my faves were in his photo essay of the Elders....

Do yourself a favor...take a few minutes and let Jesse Osbourne bring you into Johnny and Martha Elder's world....

It WILL change you.

Please check out his work at   .

It is so great! It's the best thing I've seen all day!!! It is the best thing I have seen for a very long time.